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PostNuke Hosting

Build a website without needing to know HTML

Create a website easily with little programming skills. Install PostNuke on Webfusion hosting and you will be able to build a website or a community-based portal even if you are not very familiar with HTML code.

With PostNuke you can:

  • Set up a website easily

    PostNuke is a Content Management System available with our UK hosting plans that allows you to build and manage a website without losing too much of your time. Once you've set it up, users will be able to: publish articles, post comments, send private messages to each other, and much more.
  • Set user rights

    The administrator can restrict or release the rights of registered users as he sees fit. A member can be given the permission to share files or add download. On the other hand, the admin can limit a member's right to publish an article directly on the site and request to review it before it goes live.
  • Customise how it looks

    When it comes to managing the content or changing the theme of the site, the interface of the admin panel makes it easier even for beginners to find their way around. In just a few minutes you can install the theme you want to use and add modules, such as galleries, a forum or a contact form, to enhance the functionality of your website.
  • Rely on the community for solutions

    The PostNuke community is active and very reliable when it comes to fixing bugs or coming up with solutions to a problem that a user has encountered.

Buy our unlimited hosting package, install PostNuke on our UK hosting platform and build your own website easily, without the help of a programmer.

What's included

  • Unlimited web space Get unlimited storage space for your website files. Unlimited web space gives you total freedom to grow without limited capacity.
  • Unlimited traffic Unlimited bandwidth removes all restrictions on site traffic, so there's no limit to the number of visitors from the UK or any other part of the world your site can receive.