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phplist Hosting

Send promotional materials to your subscribers

Install phpList on Webfusion hosting and save a considerable amount of money from your online marketing campaigns. Having a huge list of subscribers from the UK or elsewhere is very expensive when you want to send an email newsletter. phpList is a free application that you can use to send promotional materials to your subscribers without having to invest a big part of your budget.

phpList is being downloaded over 10,000 times a month, which makes it one of the most popular open source email campaign managers on the web. Install phpList on our UK hosting platform and see how easy you can get in touch with your customers, at no charge what so ever.

With phpList, you can:

  • Send email newsletters to subscribers

    Maybe you want to let your subscribers know about a new promotion or a new released product, or about certain features that you have added to your website. Create a good looking email newsletter and use phpList to easily send it to your UK and non-UK subscribers. Once you hit send, the application will do the rest for you.
  • Manage large mailing lists

    Send email newsletter easily regardless of the size of your mailing list. phpList was specially created to manage large lists of subscribers but it works just as well with small lists.
  • Check the results

    Access the statistics for your email campaign and see exactly how many subscribers have actually opened your message. You can also use the "click tracking" feature to track the URLs included in the e-newsletter and see what your subscribers were mostly interested in.
  • Prevent sending duplicate emails

    It sometimes happens that a user subscribes to more than one of your mailing lists. With phpList you can make sure a subscriber won't receive the same email newsletter twice, and you will avoid your emails being marked as "spam".
  • Target groups with personalised messages

    Not all subscribers are interested in the same offers so, to increase the conversion, you can target the content to certain groups of users. Make use of the information they provided when they signed up for your e-newsletter, such as: age, location, interests, etc. To make the message even more targeted, add place holders to the emails so that users can see their name in the subject of the email.
  • Remove invalid emails

    Clean your mailing lists and delete non-existent or no longer used email addresses easily. Once this is done, you will have a clean list that only includes valid emails.

Buy our unlimited hosting package and install phpList in a matter of minutes. Put together your e-newsletter and get in touch with your customers today.

What's included

  • Unlimited web space Get unlimited storage space for your website files. Unlimited web space gives you total freedom to grow without limited capacity.
  • Unlimited traffic Unlimited bandwidth removes all restrictions on site traffic, so there's no limit to the number of visitors from the UK or any other part of the world your site can receive.