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phpBB Hosting

Create a forum and build a community

Create a forum on your website at no extra cost. With phpBB you can set up one or several online forums while saving valuable time and money. Install phpBB on Webfusion hosting and you will be able to build active communities and enjoy moderating smart discussions between users from the UK and over the world.

With phpBB you can:

  • Build a dynamic community

    Encourage users to register on your forum and to start interacting with others on different subjects, depending on the thematic of your site. Once registered, a user can read and create posts or topics and publish comments. The interface allows any user to format a post, insert URLs, upload and share photos, as well as use emoticons using BBCode.
  • Manage one or multiple forums

    This free app comes with several tools that make a moderator's life easier. These can help him manage the forum without wasting more time than it is necessary.
  • Be in total control of your forum

    As an administrator you are in total control over your forum, from content, design and functionality. Take advantage of the available plugins to configure and customise the forum as you see fit.
  • Get feedback from users

    Publish polls on your forum to make it more interactive. It can be a day-to-day topic or one related to your forum and how it works. It's a good way to get you know your users within or outside the UK.

Buy our unlimited hosting package and you will get to install phpBB on Webfusion hosting and build a great community of members.

What's included

  • Unlimited web space Get unlimited storage space for your website files. Unlimited web space gives you total freedom to grow without limited capacity.
  • Unlimited traffic Unlimited bandwidth removes all restrictions on site traffic, so there's no limit to the number of visitors from the UK or any other part of the world your site can receive.