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b2evolution Hosting

Start building your blog network

Install b2evolution on Webfusion hosting and run as many blogs as you want. With this free application from our range of UK hosting solutions you will save precious time because you it allows you to easily manage all of your blogs from a single place. No special technical skills required to set it up.

With b2evolution you can:

  • Run multiple blogs simultaneously

    This open source app allows you to create as many free blogs as you need and manage them easily from a single place. You can also run them on different domains.
  • Customise the look of your blogs

    Browse through the free collection of skins available and install those that fit your requirements. You can always customise the free skins to give your blogs a more unique look. To enhance the functionality, take advantage of the prebuilt plugins developed by the community.
  • Set different permissions for your users

    When you're running several blogs at once it's always useful to have a team helping you out with content or marketing. As an administrator, you can set different rights for your editors, web designers or link builders depending on your needs. For instance, you can limit the rights of your editors so you can review the articles before these go live on the blogs. It's entirely the admin's decision as to the control level that a user has.
  • Manage spam comments

    With b2evolution you can review and manage spam comments easily, without losing too much time.

Buy our unlimited hosting package and you will be able to install b2evolution and start building your blog network in the UK or any other part of the world.

What's included

  • Unlimited web space Get unlimited storage space for your website files. Unlimited web space gives you total freedom to grow without limited capacity.
  • Unlimited traffic Unlimited bandwidth removes all restrictions on site traffic, so there's no limit to the number of visitors from the UK or any other part of the world your site can receive.