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Virtual Private Servers

Linux and Windows VPS hosting

When choosing a VPS provider, the software and specifications of your VPS are the key to your success. At Webfusion we offer a wide selection of software and services, plus we have the flexibility and experience to ensure your platform fulfils the needs of your business.

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Choosing between a Linux and a Windows Virtual Private Server

The choice between a Linux VPS and a Windows VPS comes down to which operating system is able to provide you with the best value for your business. While both solutions are great to host your business websites online, there are notable differences between the two options.

What's similar?

Both Windows and Linux Virtual Private Servers work in the same way, by dividing a server into separate virtual containers. Each container includes a virtual server that is isolated from others, giving you the privacy and space your business needs to store sensitive data and run applications.

What's different?

Linux VPS web hosting is the best option for business owners who want direct control over their website space while Windows VPS web hosting is well-known for its ease of use as well as high availability clustering.

The benefits of Windows Virtual Private Servers

Windows VPS hosting is the best and most popular solution for business sites with high traffic volumes, sensitive customer data and a need for secure e-commerce applications.

Although Hyper-V servers have similar security and handling features as dedicated, there are some key features that make this product a powerful one, such as dynamic memory for easier management of system resources.

But what makes a Windows Virtual Private Server on Hyper-V even more powerful is the true Hardware Virtualisation, which gives you complete control over the entire operating system.

Why choose Windows VPS hosting:

  • True Hardware Virtualisation, giving you complete control over your OS.
  • High level of isolation, keeping your services from being affected by other services running on the same container, thus giving you peace of mind.
  • UK-based support for ASP and ASP.NET
  • Remote desktop access, allowing you to access your VPS server via your GUI (graphical user interface) from anywhere.
  • Better support for Microsoft SQL and Microsoft Access, which work natively with Windows.

See the complete technical details of our Windows VPS hosting packages.

The benefits of Linux Virtual Private Servers

Linux is the operating system used on the majority of web servers, mainly because of its reliability. One other key benefit of a Linux host is the cost. This is an open-source application, which means you will pay less to host your sites on a Linux VPS than on a Windows VPS.

Our Linux Virtual Private Servers use Parallels Virtuozzo to deliver great performance at a fraction of the cost. The world's largest service providers rely on Parallels technology to provide high-performance virtualisation solutions to millions of users worldwide. This cutting-edge technology ensures your business website and applications run optimally for performance and security.

Why choose Linux VPS hosting:

  • Affordability as you get the benefits of dedicated server hosting but at a lower cost.
  • Access to Plesk, the industry standard control panel.
  • Stability and uptime making your site more dependable.
  • Flexibility as you have total freedom to manage your web space as you wish and install tools and applications whenever you need to.
  • Higher-end performance as websites perform better and faster, thus creating a better experience for your site's visitors.

See the complete technical details of our Linux VPS hosting packages.

We hope you find this information useful in choosing your VPS provider.