What is the new Domain Name function in the Myserverworld.net Control Panel?

You can now make additional changes to your domain names using your http://www.myserverworld.net Control Panel


Login to the http://www.myserverworld.net Control Panel


Click the My Domains link


Click the check-box alongside the domain/s you wish to amend.


You can make changes to one or more domains at the same time.


From the drop-down box choose the option you wish to use.

  • Lock / unlock - Locking domains increases security and prevents unauthorised transfers.
  • Auth code(s) - You need an authorization code to transfer some types of domain name from Webfusion to other domain companies.
  • Tags - You need to change the tag on a .uk in order to transfer it away from Webfusion.
  • WHOIS - Check the registration details of your domain.
  • Name servers - Assist where your domain name points to. Name servers Name servers translate easy-to-remember domain names (like www.yourdomain.com) into IP addresses which computers understand (like
  • DNS - determine which website the domain name points at and where your email goes.

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