How can I disable recursive DNS for my Windows dedicated server?

This article applies to Windows Dedicated Servers running Plesk control panel.

By default, your Windows Plesk Dedicated Server is configured with DNS recursion enabled for local requests only. In the event that you wish to disable DNS recursion completely, you should take the following steps in Plesk


Login to your Parallels Plesk Panel.


Click on the DNS settings icon under the Server heading.


Click on the DNS recursion tab.


On the resulting screen, click on the Deny radio option and then click the Set button


Recursive DNS will now be disabled for your Windows dedicated server.

Important: If you choose to disable DNS recursion completely, you will need to modify the DNS servers used by MailEnable, otherwise your server will no longer be able to send e-mail. See the How to configure your Dedicated Server mailserver when switching off DNS recursion? article for instructions on how to correctly configure Mail Enable when DNS recursion is disabled

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