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SSL Certificates

Give your customers confidence in you

  • Get Verified - Verifies your identity with a site seal.
  • Get Encrypted - Encrypts all incoming and outgoing data transfers.
  • Show you're protected - Displays the industry standard padlock icon in the visitor's browser.

Nearly everyone has shopped on the web at some stage. However, lots of people still have strong reservations when it comes to submitting their payment details online. And, if you're an online retailer, this potential lack of customer confidence could send you out of business.

But don't worry, there is a very simple solution - set up an SSL certificate on your site. An SSL certificate proves you are who you say you are, affording your customers total peace of mind. When they see the instantly recognisable padlock icon in their browser bar, customers will have no doubts.

Your SSL certificate is authorised by the security experts at our SSL-partner company, which 100% verifies your authenticity. An SSL certificate also encrypts data transfers to and from your site (such as customer payment details), thus making sure sensitive information doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

Domain SSL
Organisational SSL
Extended SSL
Price From £69.99 From £89.99 From £399.99
Great for Start-up businesses Growing ecommerce sites Maximum protection
Validity period 1 - 5 years 1 - 5 years 1 - 2 years
Activates browser padlock Yes Yes Yes
Activates the green browser bar (compatible browsers) - - green address bar
Auto-secures both www and non-www sites Yes Yes Yes
Encryption level High (128 - 256 bit) High (128 - 256 bit) High (128 - 256 bit)
Strong security in older browsers with SGC Yes Yes Yes
Warranty £10,000 £75,000 £150,000
Typical issuance speed 5 minutes 2 - 3 business days 3 - 4 business days
Vetting Domain checks Domain checks
Business checks
Domain checks
Business checks
Extended checks
Simple set up (AutoCSR) Yes Yes -
Use with any subdomain (wildcard SSL) From £130 extra per year
Multi-year savings available
From £160 extra per year
Multi-year savings available
Strong encryption in older browsers Yes Yes Yes
Server licences Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Browsers supported 99% 99% 99%
Mobile device support Yes Yes Yes
Intranet support Yes Yes Yes
Site seal site seal site seal site seal
Prices exclude VAT @ 20%

Secure unlimited subdomains with Wildcard SSL

  • Secure an unlimited number of subdomains on your domain name with a single SSL Certificate
  • Helps future proof the addition of further secure subdomains and eases SSL management and IP address management

A standard SSL certificate will prove you are who you say you are (affording your customers total peace of mind). Yet with a Wildcard SSL certificate, you can secure as many subdomains as you like. This means that every aspect of your online business is protected no matter whether it is aimed at UK or non UK customers.

How to buy

Call our UK sales team on 0333 014 3171 now to add an SSL service to your Webfusion dedicated server.