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Reseller specifications

The UK's most advanced reseller platform


Host Unlimited Websites and Domains

Our Reseller account allows you to host as many web hosting packages as you like. In fact, you never pay a penny more, no matter how many accounts you create. On top of this, you can customise each account to any level you like, from how much web space and bandwidth your customers get, to selecting what web apps a customer can install from their control panel.

HostPay Web Hosting Shopping Cart

HostPay is a highly customisable shopping cart allowing you to sell web hosting, domains and add-on products to end users through your website. Other features include registering and transferring domains; activating web hosting packages in real time and selling a huge range of profitable add-ons.

Manage Accounts In Real Time

Not only is your reseller account set up in real time but any accounts you set up for your customers are also added, deleted or edited in real time. You can set up hosting accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Additional Services

  • Brandable WebMail Offer your customers access to our powerful WebMail system allowing them to access their emails wherever they are.
  • Brandable Control Panels Brand your customer's web hosting control panels using your own look and feel.
  • Generic Name Servers You can use our generic name servers on any of your domain names.
  • Generic Secure Server Any web hosting account you set up can include a generic secure server account at no additional cost.
  • Custom Hosting Account Index Page Rather than just show a blank page, if your customer hasn't uploaded their web files, you can configure a default index page to be shown instead.
  • Custom Account Welcome Emails This feature allows you to configure and brand your own welcome emails to be automatically sent to your customers when they open a new account.

Customer Management

  • Customer CRM and Database Our simple yet effective customer-management database allows you to store all your customers' details online.
  • Custom Technical Support Site Add a customised support database into the control panel and include the support categories that matter to your customers.
  • Intergrated Ticket System Integrated in to HostPay, the system allows you to easily communicate with your customers.

Domain names

  • Domain Control Panel For Your Customers Allows Resellers from inside and outside the UK to resell domain names and pass on the management of domain features to their customers.
  • Generic Nominet Tag Use our generic Nominet Tag for all your UK domain names to hide Heart Internet from your customers.
  • Domain Robot - Multiple Domains Fast The Heart Internet Domain Robot allows customers wishing to register, transfer in or renew a domain name, to do so via email.