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Managed Hosting

Service Level Agreement

Define the level of service you will receive

All service that Webfusion offer is defined in a Service Level Agreement or SLA, but what exactly does this mean?

What is a SLA?

A Service Level Agreement is a formal contract that defines the level of service that you will receive from your provider. It defines the levels of service you will receive and includes the performance levels you should expect from your service provider. The SLA details every level of service you should expect to receive. Your provider is bound to this agreement and must perform within these defined service levels at all times.

How are SLAs defined with managed hosting?

With managed hosting we produce a custom SLA agreement that is in line with your requirements so you can achieve the level of service that you need from your hosting solution. The SLA is defined by the level of service you choose and the service you expect to receive.

  • 99.9% network connectivity - We understand that no downtime is acceptable to your business. Our wholly-owned, redundant network that is managed in our UK data centres allows us to guarantee that our network will be up-and-running all day, every day. In the unlikely event of network downtime occurring, we will credit you the value of one whole days' service for every single hour your server is without connectivity.
  • Instant reboot - Our UK-based data centres are equipped with electronically controlled power outlets, allowing you to reboot your server directly from your control panel - in an instant.
  • Security updates - We will respond promptly to security threats relating to pre-installed software by applying the relevant patch or taking other action - even if you installed your own applications on the server.
  • Hardware replacement - We always maintain a complete server with the same or better hardware specification as yours, ready to hand over instantly in the event that your machine suffers a failure.
  • Price freeze - We will not increase the price you pay during the term of your contract, even if the price to new customers changes.
  • Bandwidth guarantee - We will always maintain sufficient network bandwidth to service all customers at full capacity, even if one of our internet connections fails.