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Managed Hosting Solutions

Tailored solutions to suit your business needs

Whatever your business needs we can build a solution for you. We can offer anything from an entire business infrastructure down to a single dedicated server. Find out more about the solutions Webfusion can offer and how we can help your business exceed all expectations be it from within or outside the UK.

Large to small managed business hosting from Webfusion

  • Clustering solutions Minimise downtime and create redundancy with a Clustered Solution to ensure downtime is no longer an issue for your business critical services.
  • Virtualisation Reduce your hardware expenditure and make better use of available system resources. Get the performance, flexibility and control you need from your hosting solution.
  • Application Hosting A reliable and secure home for your client facing or internal on-demand services where uptime and speed are both important factors that could hamper productivity or damage your reputation.
  • Load Balancing Distribute the workload of your server and increase reliability with redundancy to ensure you have the performance and stability you need from your business hosting.
  • High Bandwidth Solutions that can take the strain of heavy traffic and eliminate downtime to give your users the performance they demand when other solutions are prone to failure.
  • Secure Hosting We understand that business critical solutions require top level security so our solutions utilise the latest technology to ensure your server is protected and your customer data is secure.
  • Cloud Computing It's time to join the cloud and utilise a shared platform that will not only reduce running costs but also provide an inherent redundancy with no single point of failure.
  • PCI Compliance See how we can help with PCI compliance and build solutions that fulfil security requirements and keep your customer's data secure.

Below is a summary of each of the business hosting services we offer.

Server clustering solutions

Webfusion gives you the opportunity to create server clusters where a number of servers all work together, each with their own task. With the added benefits of resilience, clustering means hardware failure could be a thing of the past for your business, and if you wish to expand your services in the future it is simple to add to your cluster and build the perfect platform for your customers.

At Webfusion we can build clustering solutions that suit the needs of your business by utilising the latest technology to deliver superior performance. We can provide different types of clustering solutions depending on the specific application your business requires such as:

  • HyperV with Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Built on HyperV technology to create virtualised clustering solutions that minimise downtime and create redundancy to ensure downtime is no longer an issue for your business critical services.
  • MS SQL high availability solutions
  • Built on clustering technology to ensure your databases running business critical applications can remain operational with improved response times and little or no latency. This Includes both database mirroring and failover cluster solutions.

Hyper clustering solutions

There are many different solutions for creating clustering using virtualisation software on the market. At Webfusion with our many years of experience in virtualisation, we believe the most efficient results can be achieved using HyperV and Server 2008.

How is this achieved?

This is achieved by utilising Hyper-V technology that is built into the Windows Server 2008. This Hyper-V's technology has a Failover Clustering feature that can be used to create and manage failover clusters.

What is a fail over cluster? It is a group of computers that work together to increase the availability of applications and services. These clustered servers (or nodes) are all connected using physical cables and software. If a single cluster node fails, another node will jump-in to start providing service. This ensures a minimum amount of disruptions to any services running. Here is an example of a three node Hyper-V cluster:

MS SQL High Availability solutions

At Webfusion we can create clustering solutions that ensure high availability for your databases utilising the high availability aspects of MS SQL to ensure your data is available when you need it most. We can achieve this in multiple ways:

Database mirroring

Database mirroring is used to increase the availability of databases by operating two or more identical databases in parallel so if one fails the other is utilised. When disaster strikes, high-safety mode utilises automatic failover to quickly bring the standby copy of the database online without any data loss.

Database mirroring provides redundancy of your data, improving the availability of the SQL databases.

Failover cluster

A failover cluster is a collection of physical disks in a Microsoft Cluster Service cluster group that are participating nodes of the cluster. The cluster hosts an instance of SQL Server and is configured as a failover clustered instance.

The failover clustered instance appears on the network as if it were a single computer, but has functionality that provides failover from one node to another if one node becomes unavailable.


A standard physical server has no redundancy and can be quite rigid when it comes to scaling. What this means is if your server goes down for whatever reason all services become unavailable, this could be due to hardware or software failure or service could be interrupted by standard maintenance. During the life of your server your business needs may also change and with a dedicated server there is no easy way to add more resources and it is often better to replace the server which is not only time consuming but can be costly to your business.

So what's the solution?

Virtualisation can solve these problems by creating virtual instances on a single server or across a cluster of servers where resources can be shared and distributed as needed. Redundancy can be easily added to create solutions that are not only flexible but also cost effective.

Virtualisation can make your hosting solution as robust as your business requires. Should hardware fail for some reason, VMs can easily be migrated between nodes while your services remain live. Similarly if a physical node is running out of resources VMs can be moved between nodes to balance resources.

Using virtual based solutions reduces your hardware expenditure by making better use of available system resources. Virtualisation not only ensures easier and faster development, simplifies server migrations and allows isolation of applications but also supports high availability which can increase uptime.

At Webfusion's UK-based data centres, we utilise the latest virtualisation platforms such as Windows Server 2008 with Hyper-V to build flexible virtualised solutions for our customers to give them the flexibility and scalability they need for their business.

Server 2008 & HyperV Virtualisation

Windows Server 2008 R2 with Hyper-V is a virtualization platform that has helped organizations of all sizes realise considerable cost savings and operational efficiencies. With industry leading size and scale, Hyper-V is the platform of choice for you to run your mission critical workloads.

Using Windows Server 2008 with Hyper-V, you can take advantage of new hardware technology, and have the flexibility to build the server environment that can support your business needs. This way you can virtualize today, and be ready for the future by creating a platform that can be added to as and when you need to expand while making full use of your available resources.

The leading virtualisation solution

Windows Server 2008 with Hyper-V can be configured by Webfusion to give your business the high availability, fully automated hosting environment your business needs.

Physical hardware can be added to a cluster to give the scalability you need. VMs can be added quickly and migrated using live tools at your disposal to ensure complete flexibility of the virtual environment.

Windows Server 2008 with Hyper-V can help your business to save money and keep costs low by converting physical servers into virtualised servers, reducing downtime through high availability aspect (99.999% uptime expected), reducing support requirement (staff savings).

The simplified interface in Server 2008 ensures complete ease of use and VMs have the option of installing a control panel interface such as Plesk to make management a breeze. Webfusion can setup and manage the clustering aspect and create any required VMs, so you don't even need to touch any of the internals if you don't want to, we can manage this for you.

At Webfusion our expert technicians have over 10 years of combined engineer experience and are able to maintain our own HyperV platform with near 100% uptime, as we would be able to do for your business.

Load balancing

At Webfusion we use load balancing to distribute the workload of your server.

This ensures the speed of your site remains stable and you can benefit from an increase in reliability due to the inherent redundancy present due to your hosting platform being spread over multiple servers.

The software solution for load balancing, that we at Webfusion have been using for a few years now, is Stingray from Riverbed. This is because it has proved extremely reliable and has a number of features which set it apart from other solutions available.

Riverbed® Stingray™ Traffic Manager offers high performance software and uses a virtual Layer 7 application delivery controller (ADC) that enables enterprises and cloud operators to create, manage, and deliver key services more quickly, more flexibly, and at a lower cost.

Stingray includes many advanced features such as SSL off loading and caching as standard and there is even an application firewall version which is required for PCI compliance.

High bandwidth solutions

For any growing business it is essential that your website, your small business server hosting and associated internet services run smoothly at all times and this is especially important during periods of heavy traffic.

More traffic generally means more customers but if your business web hosting provider is unreliable and your site cannot handle the extra influx of users, you could be losing out on all that extra revenue. Why waste your money on an expensive marketing campaign if the potential customers it attracts are turned away because your website just can't handle so many users at once.

Webfusion can provide solutions that can cope with heavy traffic by distributing the workload over multiple servers. Not only will the speed of your site remain stable but you will also benefit from an increase in reliability due to the inherent redundancy built into your solution as your platform is spread over multiple servers.

At Webfusion we can distribute your traffic over multiple servers and share the load with over an entire cluster using specialised software such as Stingray™ Traffic Manager from Riverbed.

Such a setup will not only release the strain of a heavy traffic site to give your users the performance they demand but this also helps to eliminate downtime. Hardware failure is no longer an issue as if one server fails the second is still hosting your data.

Secure Hosting Solutions

At Webfusion we understand how important server security is. Our solutions take this into account and utilise dedicated servers to ensure your data is completely isolated from other users, which as part of a wider security policy helps to guarantee against intrusion.

We also take the necessary steps to ensure you and your customers remain protected. We utilise Cisco Firewalls to block any suspicious activity and prevent your server from being compromised. We can help you to protect your customers with a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate to protect information sent between your users and your server and secure your online payments. We can also create different secure 'zones' configured within your firewall to separate critical systems.

Our team monitors your systems to identify and prevent internet based attacks from impacting your business. We can help you make sure that you have the relevant standards in place to ensure you are fully PCI compliant so your business can offer secure transactions to your customers and you are certified to handle sensitive payment data.

At Webfusion we understand the importance of providing a secure platform for your business needs. This is why our Data Centre is monitored around the clock 24/7 by onsite staff and we have security measures in place to ensure your data is not only electronically secure but also physically.

Access to our state-of-the-art Data Centre is secured with a two factor security access system with hardened security doors and electronic locks. With 24 hour CCTV surveillance and alarmed access routes our onsite personnel deploy the toughest security measures designed to keep your data safe.

Application Business Website Hosting

Many businesses rely heavily on applications such as CRM, Oracle, Sage or any number of Software as a service (SaaS) platforms. Whether they are client facing or used internally, uptime and speed are both important factors that could either hamper productivity or damage your reputation.

If your staff or clients cannot use your on-demand services due to unreliable service or security issues, customers will start to lose confidence in you.

So what's the solution?

At Webfusion we understand that on-demand means on-demand. We use load balancing to distribute the workload of your server and operate multiple servers so in the event of a hardware failure your applications keep running and are always accessible. This means that not only is your application server more reliable due to the inherent redundancy but the speed of your application will remain stable at all times as the load is shared across multiple servers.

Webfusion can provide a dedicated environment to host your application whatever your business needs may be and whatever web based application your business requires. This could be anything from an online shop built in Magento, osCommerce, X-cart, Webstore or any other ecommerce software, to hosting a dedicated blog using Wordpress or CMS system using Drupal. We can provide the facilities to host business critical systems such as MS SQL, Sage or Microsoft Exchange and give your business the independence, performance and reliability you require from your applications.

We can utilise load balancing to improve the speed of your services and more importantly the reliability. With Webfusion we will help you to use hardware redundancy, to improve the stability of your services, to ensure hardware failure does not end in a catastrophe for your business and to make sure your services can remain active.

Cloud Hosting Solutions

Cloud computing is a collection of servers sharing data and resources on a shared platform that not only reduces the running cost, as hardware resources are utilised more efficiently, but also has inherent redundancy with no single point of failure.

To any business the numerous benefits of cloud computing look very attractive. If you currently have an outsourced solution or a legacy in-house system, your system may be far from efficient and a single hardware failure could bring your business to its knees.

So what's the solution?

At Webfusion we can provide both public and private cloud solutions. Our automatic failover and resource balancing virtualization technology allow our cloud computing to not only run with optimised stability but also reap the benefits of increased reliability due to the inherent redundancy of the cloud platform.

We can utilise the latest virtualisation software such as HyperV with Windows Server 2008 to deliver an optimised virtual environment to address your most demanding IT needs.

With a cloud solution hardware failure is no-longer an issue as resources can be added or removed from the cluster as and when it is needed. This gives an unprecedented level of scalability and allows you to perform maintenance without any downtime.

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