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Plesk 11

Plesk 11 is the latest edition of Parallel’s web server administration software and provides everything you need to host multiple websites and web applications.

Easy to use UI

Managing your web server is easy with Plesk's intuitive user interface, making working with Plesk a pleasant experience.

Mobile monitoring

Monitor your server on the move using your smartphone and have control in the palm of your hand.

Feature packed

Plesk all the features you need to make website management simple and make sure you are always on top of the game.


Host Multiple Websites

Add up to a 100 domain names and host multiple websites.

SSL Certificates

Install SSL certificates on individual websites not just for the server.

Website Statistics

Keep track of your websites by displaying statistics for each in Plesk.


Run a dedicated SMTP mail server for sending mail and POP3/IMAP* access for retrieving mail from your choice of webmail clients.

Server Monitor

Monitor your server with the parallels app for Apple, Android and Blackberry devices.

File Manager

Manage your files through Plesk's web interface.

One Click Apps

Easily install all your favourite apps such as Wordpress and Magento in just one click.


Create and manage your own MySQL or MSSQL databases directly in Plesk.

Easy Backup

Easily Backup your VPS through Plesk interface so if the worst happens your data is safe.

White Label Solution

Plesk provides a white label solution enabling you to resell domain names and hosting to your customers throughout the UK or worldwide.

The latest version of Plesk now contains all these great NEW features...


Plesk 11 on Linux systems can benefit from improved web server performance due to the integration of Nginx. Nginx works alongside Apache and handles all static pages leaving Apache free to handle the dynamic content. This reduces processor and memory usage and allows for faster loading times, which also should improve your search engine rankings.

Improved Security

Plesk 11 has an enhanced security mode with hardened security and improved password encryption. Plesk now implements a number of methods to protect your sensitive data. Backups can now be password protected and minimum password strength can now be specified.

Updated components

The most popular Plesk components have now been updated and Plesk 11 includes phpMyAdmin, openssl-0.9.8, ProFTPd 1.3.4a, phpPgAdmin 5.0.3 and PHP 5.3.10.

APS controller improvements

In Plesk 11 improvements have been made to improve APS applications to enable new capabilities such as managing DNS zones, checking required Apache modules and checking server PHP settings and limits.

Web Matrix instant configuration

Users who create their websites in Microsoft Web Matrix can now export publishing settings in one click. An XML file with the site settings can now be downloaded to be imported directly into the Web Matrix interface to save time and effort with manual configuration.

New look

Plesk 11 has a new modern interface to give users a much more intuitive user experience. Administrators also have the option to use the old Plesk 10 theme if they prefer.

* Available only on Linux.