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Data Centre

Our UK based state-of-the-art Data Centre

  • Environmentally friendly - By combining the very latest in climate control and server technology, we can proudly boast an A grade in energy efficiency.
  • UK based - No long distance calls or hard-to-understand accents. If you need support, we're there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.
  • Custom built - We wanted our data centre to be just right. So we worked in tight collaboration with IBM to ensure everything was designed and built to perfection.
  • Maximum security - We treat all data as highly sensitive. So our onsite security team maintain watch 24/7/365 , ensuring access is strictly limited to essential personnel only.
  • Fully protected hardware - All hardware is fully protected from fire, floods and other natural disasters.
  • Fully protected data. Data is kept 100% safe behind a multi-layered firewall. We also operate regular backups, storing data copies externally.
  • Uninterruptible power. We run everything using uninterruptible power supplies. Onsite generators are also on standby (in case the external supply should fail).

At Webfusion, we understand the importance of flawless service coupled with an assurance of transparent accountability. Therefore, all of our servers are hosted at our custom-built UK data centre.

This means your hosting will become part of an infallible network infrastructure and as our systems aren't reliant on third party solutions, we are able to maintain complete control over our service delivery.

Expert technicians staff our data centre 24/7, every day of the year. They're only ever a phone call away from instantly meeting your needs. Our onsite personnel deploy the toughest security measures imaginable, including ultra-strict access control, extensive CCTV coverage and online Firewall protection.

Our state-of-the-art Data Centre is fully equipped with advanced fire detection and suppression systems, which keeps your data 100% safe in the event of a disaster.

Our climate controlled environment provides efficient cooling, while reducing costs and lowering the environmental impact.

We also operate our own network, with multiple points of presence across the UK. This means we have access to mammoth reserves of bandwidth - enough to comfortably service every single customer, even when running at full capacity. The HEG also operates Data Centres across Europe which enables us to utilise peering to improve our network resilience.

Data Centre specifications

Fire prevention

The Fire prevention system utilises a VESDA smoke detection system monitoring 'zones' within the floor and ceiling voids. The system works on a 'double knock' basis. The system is linked into the House Building System which is monitored by the fire emergency services. Fire suppression is provided by a gassed based Inergen Fire prevention unit.


The supply is distributed from the YEDL Board's 11KV / 2MVA ring main. The parallel UPS cluster ensures power is maintained during the automatic electronic change over should the mains fail and the stand-by generators kick-in. Generators start within 10s of a power failure. The generator is a dedicated 2 MVA unit, with at least 48 hours' worth of fuel held on-site. In addition to on-site stores, we have a contract with a fuel provider ensuring our tanks are always full. Each rack has two power feeds each fused with a 32Amp PDU which runs 'commando style' sockets these come from separate distribution boxes which are fed separately through the building from the UPS system, via armoured cabling. Three-phase and 32Amp power can be installed to the server racks.

Climate controlled

Climate control systems monitor and adjust temperature, suites use tight controlled Direct-Expansion based air conditioners each of which is of a dual circuit design with two independent circuits of compressors and condensers providing maximum availability. There is ample 'redundancy' in the calculation should a unit ever fail, within the current configuration of seven 90Kw Airedale down flow units. The air conditioning maintains an input temperature to the hosted servers at 24C and 50% relative humidity and is monitored 24/7.


Access is via card-based security system. Fire-exits alarmed and monitored by CCTV.


The 10Gb/s network is based on Cisco architecture with no single point of failure throughout.


The network has direct access to LINX as well as several other major internet exchanges.