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The Webfusion Customer Charter

Our pledges to you

Our 15 years of expertise in the web hosting industry has taught us many things especially the importance of our customers. At Webfusion as well as being technical experts we are also proud of our customer-focus. The Webfusion Customer Charter is our pledge to you about what you can expect from us as Webfusion customer and what is important to the way we do business.


  • We will consistently provide professional, reliable and efficient services.
  • We will ensure that our products and backbone technology is reviewed, improved and maintained to avoid performance inefficiencies.

Security and Privacy

  • We will ensure the privacy and security of our clients and their data will be fundamental to everything we do.
  • We will adopt the latest technology and procedures to ensure security and privacy is never at risk of compromise.

Data Centre

  • We will continue to invest in technology, security and expertise to maintain our reputation for running one of the leading data centres in the UK, Europe and beyond.
  • We will maintain and improve our green credentials in our already eco-friendly UK-based data centre by adopting the latest low-energy systems, helping to protect the environment while saving our customers money in a super-secure environment

Investment in staff

  • We are committed to improving the knowledge and skills of our staff through regular training and reviews to ensure they can provide the best possible level of service for our customers.
  • We will recruit, promote and retain people who uphold and live by our Core company FACE values that promote our customer-focus.

Publication Date: May 2012

If you have any questions about the Webfusion Customer Charter or ever feel we have failed in your expectations please do hesitate to contact us at Your feedback and opinions are very important to us.