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Case Studies & Testimonials

The customer is always right

We have millions of customers worldwide. But that's just a statistic. What really matters is what our customers say about us. That way we (and you - as a prospective customer) can appraise ourselves fairly and accurately. And it seems like our first class customer service is just the ticket!

Carol Blackford-Mills


Carol Blackford-Mills of MRS Web Solutions Ltd has headed the Hampshire-based web design and system development company since their formation in 1999 and with a portfolio of clients from small businesses up to market-leading brand names, knows a thing or two about hosting. As one of Webfusion's longest standing Managed Hosting clients she explains why it's her solution of choice:

"We have a number of large accounts and most of these need very resilient servers with strong reliability. We know Webfusion can provide that but also that they can service that sort of requirement too. We need to be able to say to our own customers that we have full faith in the servers we are hosting their services on and with Webfusion we know we can say that with confidence.

There will always be the odd problem, but what has been so fantastic about the managed hosting solution with Webfusion is that should anything ever go wrong at any time of day I have a number to call and they will keep me updated. That communication helps build the trust and, if it is an issue that I need to let my customers know about, I can do so with some sense of certainty that things are being actioned to rectify the problem and the reassurance is supportive."

The hands-on guidance approach that leaves customers free to take care of their business while Webfusion deals with the hosting issue, is the biggest selling point for Carol.

"I like the way I am generally looked after. The services we need are not covered under standard packages but where possible Webfusion will always do their best to accommodate. This support and service is invaluable to us as we are committed to our own clients to provide them with a service they expect."

Bernard Fisher

Web Solutions NI Ltd

Web Solutions

I would like to express my high level of satisfaction with the customer support service, in particular the Webfusion engineers.

They are very personable, helpful and extremely knowledgeable when I have had occasion to speak with them on the telephone regarding my support calls. Webfusion answers all my queries promptly and respectfully and is always prepared to go the extra mile in ensuring that my support calls are handled professionally and expertly.

This evening was yet another example of his support and dedication in that they managed to go through and resolve a number of calls I had reported on the helpdesk previously. This is me passing on my thanks to them for their dedication and support.

Agnieszka Major


I have got your email address from one of your guys who last week helped me so much and was so patient with me. I would like to compliment him about job he's done. He helped me to sort my problem out and explained me well everything I asked about. I wish every customer service would be that polite and helpful.

Steve Hey


As a reseller with a diverse client base and a reputation to uphold, we need to know that the products we are providing to third parties are the very best. Our association with Webfusion awards us that peace of mind - and a great deal of flexibility and support. We recommend Webfusion wholeheartedly. They are market leaders.

Peter Jones


Great service, product and support. So far so very good indeed.

Vaseem Valentine

Akane Aya Limited

I Started with Windows Shared hosting back in 2007, so a decade into your life span. I helped setup a VPS for one client, and I since moved over to Linux hosting shared.

I intend to take out a Windows Shared hosting again at some point soon, as well as a Dedicated in the near future with aims of continue using your services for Software based services across PC and other platforms.

I would like to express my gratitude for the continued accessibility and technical support your company has given me at all times.