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Domain Registration

Register your online identity

  • Easy to use with any hosting
  • Simple online management
  • Comprehensive range to choose from

A domain name is an address you can use for a website and email, like Register yours today with Webfusion and claim your own piece of online real estate.

Why buy a domain name?

Register domain names to protect your business brand or create an identity for yourself online. You can set up professional mail addresses (like and build a website.

If it's for your business, a domain name is one of the ways customers find you. If it's just for you, it creates a unique online identity - in seconds.

Domain name prices

Most popular domains
.co£29.99 per year£9.99 2 years .com£12.99 per year .net£12.99 per year .eu£12.99 per year .org£12.99 per year .info£12.99 per year .me£19.99 per year£9.99 2 years .tv£34.99 per year£9.99 2 years .biz£12.99 per year .asia£19.99 per year£34.99 per year£34.99 per year
.es£19.99 per year .de£19.99 per year .be£19.99 per year .at£19.99 per year .nl£19.99 per year£34.99 per year .pl£29.99 per year
Social media
.so£24.99 per year .im£19.99 per year .ws£19.99 per year .cc£34.99 per year
.tel£12.99 per year .mobi£12.99 per year .mx£29.99 per year
International£19.99 per year .in£19.99 per year£19.99 per year .ae£99.99 per year .jp£99.99 per year£34.99 per year .cx£29.99 per year£34.99 per year£34.99 per year£34.99 per year£34.99 per year£34.99 per year£34.99 per year£34.99 per year£34.99 per year£34.99 per year£34.99 per year£34.99 per year£34.99 per year£34.99 per year£34.99 per year£34.99 per year£34.99 per year£34.99 per year

Prices exclude VAT @ 20%

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers you are looking for

Q. What is a domain name?+

It's the address that people use to find you or your company on the web. It's the URL that you type in the browser's address bar to go to a specific website.

For example, our domain name is: You can have as many domains as you want and use them for different purposes.

Q. What extension should I buy?+

Different extensions suggest different purposes for your domain. If you are a business, you should consider getting, .com and .co. You may also consider .biz or .org as well if you feel that they match your requirements or audience better.

For individuals you can buy any domain extension, however to make it personal you may want a, .im or .so.

You want to buy a web address with an extension that will help your target market easily identify what you are doing with your site.

Some companies will purchase several extensions and redirect them all to the same site. Others may use a to sell their services while using an .org for their corporate site.

Q. What domains should I get?+

You want to buy a web address that is short and describes your business as much as possible. Great domains should be easy to remember, not include complex characters and be easy to spell.

You should avoid things such as 'And' within your domains, as it can be confusing for those typing from memory, such as M&, which cannot exist as a domain.

Think about how you may advertise your new web address, if in print it has to be easy to read and remember. Considering where you will display your domain name before you commit to buying will allow you to meet your requirements better, helping your site become more successful.

Domain registration exists to make it easy for yourself and your customers, clients, fans, club or employees to find your site.

If you use several words to make up your domain, such as web fusion, be sure that they as a domain are easily recognisable, such as Be aware that innocent words together without spaces between them may be read very differently.

Q. Why are domains charged at such different prices?+

Different domain extensions are managed through different registries and governed by different bodies. Most are allocated to a country, and that country then defines the rules, such as .de, .in, .co.

In the UK Nominet are the registry responsible for managing extensions such as, and

The price of domain registration is set by the registry to the different registrars, such as Webfusion, who then set their price to sell on, which includes the cost of services required to manage the Internet and domain names.

Q. What can I do with a domain name?+

You can use it in conjunction with a hosting package or server to host a website, send and receive emails, run your Intranet, sell products or anything else possible on the Internet. The domain is a simple gateway to your site.

Send mail - use your email address as a webmail account or forward emails to another address. Sending email using your own domain name, as a business or individual, makes you look professional.

Start blogging - publish photos, ideas and thoughts on your own personalised blog.

Corporate websites can be protected to allow your staff to easily share information internally.

Q. Are there hidden domain costs?+

When you register domain names, they will renew automatically and you will be charged the annual price to ensure that your site or services incur no downtime.

Webfusion do not charge to transfer domains to other providers, unlock your domains or similar. There are absolutely no hidden costs.

You have full control of your domain name including DNS management.