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Managed vs. Self-managed

Find out what would suit your business

Not got the expertise or time to run your own server? Need a helping hand? We can help.

We understand that everyone has different skill levels when it comes to managing servers, which is why we can offer a helping hand to those who find managing a server a little daunting.

What level of service best suits you?

With a self-managed server you are responsible for managing your own server.


  • Root or administrator access giving you complete freedom
  • Your server your way
  • Install applications from source
  • Customise your server to suit your needs

You are responsible for:

  • Installing all software and applications
  • Applying critical OS and application updates
  • Configuring email and hosting settings
  • Server Security

Webfusion is responsible for:

  • Server Hardware
  • Network availability
With a managed server we help, so you can concentrate on what matters.


  • All the benefits of a dedicated server without the responsibilities
  • More time for you to focus on your business
  • No server administrator experience required
  • Simple to use Plesk management tools

You are responsible for:

  • Managing email and hosting settings via Plesk
  • Managing and installing web apps via Plesk

Webfusion is responsible for:

  • Installing software and applications that requires root/Administrator access and is compatible with the OS and Plesk
  • Applying critical security, OS and application updates
  • Server Hardware
  • Network availability

What is Self-Managed?

With a self-managed Webfusion dedicated server you have the freedom you need to manage your server how you see fit. With full root and administrator access you have the ability to install any software you choose and even compile software from source code.

With a self-managed server you are responsible for managing your own server and are in full complete control of the security and operations of the server. The self-managed option is recommended for experienced uses who want more control.

What is Managed?

With a managed Webfusion dedicated server we help you to manage your server so you can concentrate on what matters but without needing to get to technical. Our managed option effectively enables you to outsource your server management to us and is recommended for novice users or anyone who would prefer someone else takes care of the technical stuff.

Managed gives you...

  • Peace of mind Choosing our managed option gives you and your customer's peace of mind and enables you to relax safe in the knowledge that your server is being managed by our industry leading experts.
  • Expert knowledge The experts that run our business infrastructure are the same experts that will be managing your server. We utilise their expertise and years of experience to benefit your business.
  • Reduced risk With experts in our UK-based data centres working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week your server is in safe hands. Any issues can be quickly resolved ensuring your server stays operational. Running any server with limited knowledge is a risk, by utilising our expert's skill and experience that risk is greatly reduced.
  • Improved security Keeping your server secure should always be a high priority as any security breach could be very damaging to both your data and your reputation. We have the knowledge and resources to ensure your server is kept secure.
  • Time to focus Outsource the systems management of your server to our technical team in the UK and give yourself time to focus on your business. Free up your time by allowing us to take the headache out of managing your server.