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Why your business needs a Firewall

  • Stop unwanted traffic before transferring incoming data to your server.
  • Protect your server from malicious snooping and port-scanning activities.
  • Block ports and IP ranges
  • Reliable Cisco hardware
  • Protection will remain active independently of your server
  • HTTP, DNS and email traffic is thoroughly inspected against Remote Function Call standards.
  • Our user-friendly control panel gives you complete control over your Firewall rule base.

The threat of computer crime to your business is as real as ever. Online businesses need to be well protected against the increasingly sophisticated techniques of hackers and spammers. After all, if you're taking customer payment details, you could be a target for data theft.

How does a Firewall work?

Powered by Cisco, a Firewall will prohibit unauthorised access and malicious traffic from ever reaching your server network. All inbound traffic is thoroughly filtered according to your exact requirements.

Manage your Firewall to suit you

Of course, every business has different needs. That's why our expert engineers from the UK data centres have developed a highly intuitive control panel which allows the easy modification of your Firewall security rules. You can set your Firewall security parameters to allow or deny all variants of incoming and outgoing data - ensuring all illegitimate traffic is completely blocked.

How to buy

Call our UK sales team on 0333 014 3171 now to add your Firewall service to your Webfusion dedicated server.

The minimum contract term for Webfusion's Firewall service is 3 months. Clients can turn the Firewall service off and on as is relevant to their needs. Regardless of the foregoing, Clients will still have to make their regular (if any are due) payments to Webfusion for the use of their Firewall service. The Firewall service can only be used on a Webfusion Dedicated Server